Sunday, 28 January 2007

catching up

I am not feeling very on top of everything, but rather slightly to the left of centre. My blissful holiday has ended with a bit of a bump - small town politics and lots of catching up. However the sky is blue, the music is playing and there is a sweet breeze blowing. I am now going to get back to making things work properly.
I am beginning to see posters for individual gigs which are really exciting. Like the one for Diane Spodarek's 'Marley & Rachel and A Body Part' with an image we will all remember and the very cheeky knit wear number from 13% Punk. I am so looking forward to seeing everything.
We have now got a festival with extra added music. The J Birds and Ziggy (who will be playing inside a giant picture frame) being exciting late comers and Home Fire Burning and Candela confirming. So dust off your red shoes and get ready to dance.
Now acts are seriously signing up for the cabaret night on 11th Feb and 3rd March. The comedy night is on the of 22nd Feb. Tyree Robertson will be appearing as the charming Sue E to compare on the 11th. Prepare to be outraged in the best possible way. If you feel you've two minutes of stupidity you'd like to share or a short set of songs, some puppets, a monologue, some magic, a multi-media wotsit or some strange hybrid let us know. It doesn't have to be ready for Broadway, just show us what you got.

Friday, 26 January 2007

Paekakariki Fringe Program Published

The program has now been publised. Corrections, comments etc to please.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Now that the silly season is ended life and the organising of festivals must go on. Winnie Laban's office confirmed that she will join us for the launch on 9 Feb. Also confirmed are Lewis Scott, Apirana Taylor and Lyndsay Rabbit and a very nice man from Kapiti Office Products in Paraparaumu has offered to sponsor us. For now whilst there's still time for skiving I've got to have a word with the Tasman Sea.