Friday, 15 December 2006

joy riding

I feel like I am chugging up to the precipice of a rollercoaster. I am travelling more and more steeply towards the moment when gravity will take control. Soon I will hurtle through christmas, parties, presents and all, career sideways around the summer holidays, slip, slap, slopping on the way and then plummet several thousand metres towards the Fringe. Time is rushing up to meet me like a rhinoceros. I must remember to take a breath.
I am getting close to having enough confirmed to go to the printers. The plays are being cast. There's a few new ideas. Ziggy emailed me about some original music he would like to perform inside a giant picture frame in Cambell Park. Holly Ewens and collaborator Andy Hummel have come up with a bit of a twist for her second music event. I don't want to give any suprises away but it's now called 'The Blind leading the Blind'.
I am so pleased that we have such a good balance between music, writing and visuals. I would like there to be more installations though. Any wacky or weird ideas out there. I know some great places to put stuff.

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