Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Keep Talking

This morning I was pleased to see Holly Ewens and Shona Holborow arrive at my front door. We enjoyed a coffee and discussed my play The Blue Flower. Holly is playing Parsi the young runaway and Shona is playing Abbi the wily old lady of my piece. They came up with the lovely idea of having Janet Holborow play her Cello live for the transitions between live action and film. It is such a rich melancholy sound that will fit perfectly.
Then tonight I met with the Community Board Trust or the Community Trust Board to get them in the loop. They all seem to be happy about the ideas that I put forward. At the end of the evening I had a chat with Steve Burgess about the Youth Group helping out. A couple of them may bomb some signs and the Fringe Truck (Fruck), the infamous orange hotrod from Paekak. That would be cool. I would like them to help decorate the space with us so they have a sense of involvement and ownership in the whole thing. Then Mary Cornwell approached me with a very generous offer of help with the costumes for the play. She is a professional and worked for TV ONE for a long time. That will be another enriching layer to the whole piece.

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